Putting AI's in maps takes a little before-hand thinking, that a lot of map makers don't do. First of all you want the players of your map to enjoy playing your creation which requires some pre-thinking on
the placement and the actions of the AI that you are creating. Placement isn't such a big deal but you want the player to feel he has a chance by being able to see the AI with time to respond. But on the
other hand you don't want the map to be played too easy. We'll take care of the other adjustments as we go along. First let's get started with choosing "person" in the Object Palette of your NILE
drop-down folder.
    Choose a AI, by left mouse clicking on the name. Move your mouse pointer over to the 3d terrian that you created earlier. (You don't have to drag and drop). When you hover over the area you want to place
him just left click again and he will be placed on the terrain. Once placed, go to your "Objects" list and you should find his charactor the first on the list. Left click it and he will be hi lited with
a yellow rectangle outline. Double click and a "Property" box will open. The box will have different adjustments that you can give your AI. First the "Name". Give him a name that you can easily identify
him with. The "X" box is North South or vertical position of his location on your map. The "Z" is the East West or horizontal position. I never, except in extream circumstances use these boxes as the
movement tool will change them for you. The "Y" is the up and down position of your AI. Default is "0" and this is ok to leave as it is. Your AI will appear half buried in the ground, but when you run the map it
will readjust him to be standing on the ground. I usually put a "1" in this box to show him standing on the ground in my map. If you put him upstairs in a building you will also need to raise him up with
a higher number.
    "Phi" is the leaning direction horizontal, of course the opposite direction will be obtained with a minus sign in front of the number. "Theta" is the direction you want him to face based
on 360 degrees. This can be obtained by pushing your keyboard "3" key and your mouse will be able to turn the AI in the direction you want. "Omega" is the degree of leaning you want him to have. This is not used
unless you are inserting a vehicle or other object, as they have the same type of property panel to use. The "Team" of course is whos side is he on? "0" is nuetral "1" is friendly and "2" is enemy. I leave mine
at "0" and set it with N.L.H. when I'm finished testing the map.
    "Attributes" Probably THE most important feature to your AI. They come with a common presetting, but you may want to change some of them. "Accracy 1" is the setting for his first shot he takes.
It comes at 75% and believe me, this is a good more natural setting. Even 50% would be realistic. Some map makers stupidly put this setting at 100%. With this setting your player doesen't have a chance in hell to
get a shot at this AI.
Also when it comes to AI's that are RPG or Jav users, give players a chance by selecting a longer fire time. Default is 5, but I don't think you can reload that fast under real life conditions. Make it 10 seconds or longer.