SSNpspd(ssn,speed) This sets the patrol speed to #kph (seems only to work with vehicles and not AI themselves).
SSNcspd(ssn,speed) This sets the combat speed to #kph (seems only to work with vehicles and not AI themselves).

SSN2SSN(ssn,ssn) (#of AI, #of Vehicle) This will assign a AI to a vehicle. AI's are naturally assigned to the driver position, however you can assign them to where you want them with SSNtoWP(AI#,123) is passenger only, SSNtoWP(AI#,124) is gunner only, and SSNtoWP(AI#,125) is driver only.

The next thing is to make the AI drive the Vehicle. The first thing to do is create a Waypoint path by going to the "Marker" file under "Objects" in your NILE pull down list.
Find "Waypoint" and left click on it to choose it. On your map, and this can be done in 3d or 2d mode, set a series of Waypoints on the road or wherever you want the vehicle
to travel. These should be entered on your map from left to right. Next click on the drop down list "Waypoints". Choose "New Folder" (rename it if you want). Then choose "New List"
(rename it if you like) No matter what name you give it, remember it is "1" on the list. (You can in the 2d mode choose one at a time in series each waypoint on your map. This will
leave a trail line between the points you have so far selected. If you want the vehicle to stop at the end of the run then stop there and save your file. If you want the Vehicle to
travel the route continually the click the radio box "Loop". Make sure the connecting line is looped.


No matter where your vehicle is, it will travel to the nearest point on your waypoint list and then follow the route you made.