WAC Triggers used after "IF" statement

SSNtoWP (xxx,xxx)                       Sends a SSN to a certain wave point
SSNmin (xxx,x)                              Sets AI in chase mode
SSNwave (ssn,filename,distance)    AI speaks listed file from distance
SSNcspd (xxx,x)                            Sets speed of vehicle during combat
SSNpspd (xxx,x)                            Sets patrol speed of vehicle
SSNguard (xxx,xxx)                       SSN to guard object or other
SSNonSSN (xxx,xxx)                    AI or object is on another object
SSNleadSSN2SSN (xxx,xxx,xxx,distance)  AI leads AI to object at distance  
SSNanim(xxx,anim_grenade_2l)    Skeleton, walking" can now throw flames
SSN2SSN (xxx,xxx)                       Sends a SSN to another SSN (AI to Vehicle)
SSNrelease (xxx)                            Releases SSN from previous WAC command  
SSNspawn (xxx,x)                          Sets number of times AI can spawn
SSNuse (xxx,xxx)                           AI will use object
SSNride (xxx,xxx)                          SSN is on or in object, or if
SSNturn (xxx,heading)                    SSN will turn to direction
SSNnearSSN (xxx,xxx,distance)    AI or object is near object x meters
SSNanim(xxxx,anim_grenade_2l)   AI to throw grenade
SSNanim(xxxx_emote_7)               AI smokes cigarette
killSSN (xxx)                                   Kills AI or object
SSNaddhp (xxx,x)                           Sets number of hit points + on a AI  
SSNhp (xxx,x)                                 Reduces hit points
removeSSN (xxx)                             Removes AI or object from map
SSNdead (xxx)                                A object or AI is dead
SSNalive (xxx)                                 AI or object is not dead
SSNlosSSN (xxx.xxx,distance)         AI sees object or AI at distance
SSNseesSSN (xxx,xxx,distance)       AI sees object or AI at distance
SSNanim(xxxx,anim_emote_8)         Suprised AI rolling backwards and starts shooting

WAC Actions (Things that happen after (Then, Enter, Leave) statement

reset (ifname)
Gkill (group)
gremove (group)
GsetAccuracy (number,number,number)
GtoWP (number,WPlist)
inc (variable)
dec (variable)
store (variable)
load (value)
win (number)
skyfog (red, green, blue)
kill (number)
remove (number)
GroupMin (number,distance)
GroupSpawn (number,number)
GroupHP (number,number)
opendoors (number)
TOD (hour)
targetfx (target)
lose (number)
music (number)
ceiling (red, green, blue)
closedoors (number)
text (text)
wave (filename)
hideSSN (ssn)
unhideSSN (ssn)
disableSSN (ssn)
ammo2tgt (ammo,target)
fx2tgt (fx,target)
ammoarea (ammo,area)
sound2tgt (soundset,target)
blockfire (number, number)
enableSSN (ssn)
holdSSN (ssn)
unholdSSN (ssn)
setaccuracy (ssn,number,number)
set (variable, value)
add (variable, value)
sub (variable, value)
flash ()
farflash ()
quake (number)
ammorain (ammo)

win (number)
lose (number)
music (number>
skyspeed (number)
skyheight (number)
fogtype (number)
fogdist (distance)
movefog (distance, seconds)
rain (number, seconds)
colorfade (number)

snow (number, seconds)
overcast (number,seconds)
text# (text,number)
consol (text)
sound (soundset, distance, heading)
fov (number)
random (number)
fogcolor (red, green, blue)

wave (number)
waveready ()
weaponfired (number)
event (number)
lightning (red, green, blue)
sunfade (number, seconds)
sun (red, green, blue)
ground (red, green, blue)
floor (red, green, blue)
cloud (red, green, blue)

eq (number, number) equal to
ne (number, number) not equal to
lt (number, number) less than
gt (number, number) greater than
le (number, number) equal to or less
ge (number, number) equal to or greater
true (number)
false (number)

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